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Even before Jesus gave His Great Commission, He trained leaders and sent them into real ministry situations (Luke 10:1-23). SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary reflects this model of training students in the classroom as well as in actual ministry settings. This methodology creates opportunities for mentoring and the development of ministry skills. In addition to faculty mentoring, SUM West Monroe has visionary church leaders mentoring SUM students for ministry. SUM believes that a complete education requires the integration of academic training, hands-on ministry preparation, and mentoring by ministry leaders.

What does SUM offer to its students? SUM provides the opportunity for you to earn an accredited Associate's and Bachelor's degree in two or three years, respectively. This aggressive time frame allows you to enter into ministry a year sooner than most Bible colleges and greatly reduces your educational expenses. This winning strategy is combined with one most affordable-ministry-leadership-training programs in the country.


SUM is nationally accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). ABHE is recognized by the United States Department of Education. In acknowledgement of a satisfactory institutional self-study and evaluation team visit, the Commission on Accreditation reaffirmed until 2021 the accredited status of SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary with all the rights, privileges and honor that pertain to it. This is the longest possible term of re-accreditation that ABHE confers.

SUM has been recognized as a candidate for Accreditation by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). This status is a preliminary affiliation with the Commission awarded for a maximum period of five years. Candidacy is an indication that the institution is progressing toward Accreditation. Candidacy is not Accreditation and does not ensure eventual Accreditation. 

SUM has graduates attending or graduating from Fuller Theological Seminary, the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, and others. This fact is a critical consideration when selecting a college to attend. You may elect to continue your education; SUM provides you with the needed educational training to fulfill your educational goals.

SUM offers a great value for Bible college education. I invite you to contact us begin your journey to a brighter future. Education is an investment into your future. Equipping yourself allows you to take advantage of your full potential. When you combine academic knowledge, hands-on experience, and the Holy Spirit's anointing, you can change a community, a nation, and your world. Come and join the SUM West Monroe community and begin your journey.


Check out SUM's Objectives 

Educational Objectives

Graduates of the SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary should be able to perform at a collegiate level in the following areas:

  1. Articulate, according to the biblical standards for faith and conduct, their development as Christian individuals. This emphasis shall comprise spiritual, cultural, academic, physical and emotional maturity.
  2. Communicate, both orally and in written form, the composite message of the Christian faith.
  3. Individually demonstrate their Christianity in the entirety of their physical, mental, academic and spiritual well being by putting forth high moral and ethical standards. These standards shall be confirmed within the individual's life by making reference to records which exhibit comparative evidence of progress.
  4. Display scholarly habits that include but are not limited to the following: perform skilled educational research, study independently and with others, work with other team members on projects, and complete projects in a timely manner.
  5. Come to an understanding of who they are as individuals, what God's and their short and long term plans are for their life, and who they are in their relationship with God.
  6. Be prepared maturely in their individual, people, ministry, and theological skills for the establishment of an urban ministry.

Professional Objectives

A student who graduates from SUM's educational program degree in Biblical Studies should be able to:

  1. Effectively pray, evangelize, and communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in a way that is relevant to an urban culture.
  2. Use various methods of biblical interpretation to derive accurate meaning of the biblical text.
  3. Develop quality sermon materials and effectively preach and teach the Gospel.
  4. Qualify for ministerial credentials from a recognized church body and faith community.
  5. Possess a working knowledge, approach, and strategy for successful church planting.

SUM is here to provide the affordable-quality education to prepare you for the future. Call and begin your journey. 

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